Nancy is an Italian coloratura Soprano . Born in Naples, her father was a famous musician and composer. She began her piano studies at the age of eight and few years later she decided to do Vocal and Operatic studies.


Due to her father's work, for the first part of her young life , she travelled all around the world. She lived and studied in Beirut, Teheran, Abu Dhabi, Frankfurt , until the family finally moved back to Italy.


She had her first engagement at the age of fiftheen and began her music career.

Nancy has an Italian degree in Business Administration and Management but , her love and passion for music were stronger than anything else.


Therefore she decided to finish her music studies and she earned her Master of Music degree from the C.E.M. Vocal Academy and the Italian Conservatorio.

She studied Harmony, Composition , Arrangement, Ear Trainig, Vocal Tecniques, Gospel and Opera.

She also studied at the Berklee Summer Programs in Perugia (Italy), with Dennis Montomery III, Donna McLroy, Cinzia Spata .


Nancy's voice is really versatile allowing her to perform Jazz and Soul very well as well as Opera.


As a Coloratura Soprano she is very unique, due to the fact that she can sing really low notes as a F3 (below the middle C) up to really high notes such as G6.


She was a soprano soloist for a moving performance of Mozart’s Requiem at Mantica Palace in Pordenone in 2015. 


Her repertoire includes The Marriage of Figaro from W.A. Mozart in the role of Susanna ,The Magic Flute in the role of Queen of the Night, The Tales of Hoffmann from J. Offenbach  in the role of Olympia, Romeo and Juliette from C. Gounod in the role of Juliette,

Now she is working on The Traviata from Giuseppe Verdi in the role of Violetta and many other famous operas from Vivaldi, Handel, Bellini ecc...

Nancy is also a very well known Voice and Performing Art teacher. She is the director of the Modern Music Department at the “Citta' di Pordenone” music school where she also teaches.


On January 2016, during her vacation she performed in the United States.


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- Conservatorio of Naples

(Classic Piano and Solfeggio)


- Vocal Technique and Jazz Improvisation with Tamara Soldan


- C.E.M. Music Accademy :

Music History

Vocal Technique, Modern Singing e Jazz Improvisation with Lorena Favot

Harmony and Arrangement with Marco Andreoni e Rudy Fantin

Ear trainig with Marco Andreoni and Roberto Girolin

Music Theory and Sightsinging with Roberto Girolin

Solfeggio with Luca Colussi

Modern Piano with Rudy Fantin


- Berklee College of Music Summer Programs:

Jazz Harmony and Arrengement with Larry Monroe

Vocal Technique, Performance, Vocal Improvisation with Donna Mclroy

Vocal Technique and Gospel with Dennis Montomery III


- Operatic Studies:

Opera Technique with  Monica Saronni

Opera Technique and Stage Performance in Opera with  M.Cristina Nadal





2009  Medical and Artistic Seminar with Phoniatrist Dott. FRANCO FUSSI  and M. LUCA PITTERI


2011  Jazz and Blues Improvisation with SHAWN MONTEIRO 


2012:  Medical and Artistic Seminar with Phoniatrist Dott. FRANCO FUSSI  and M. LUCA PITTERI

The creation of Electroacoustic Sounds with il M. ROBERTO GIROLIN

Metal and Hard Rock Voice Technique with MICHELE LUPPI

The illimitate potentials and powers of human voice with ENRICA BACCHIA 

Interaction with musicians with guitarist  MASSIMO ZEMOLIN 

Vocal Improvisation" at BERKLEE SUMMER PROGRAMS 

How to use your voice to cure the body with FLAVIA MAHNIC


2014  Jazz Vocal Improvisation with BOB STOLOFF  


2015 Stage Presence and Performance with Paola Folli


2017 Vocal Technique and Operatic Stage Presence wtih Soprano Fiorenza Cedolins


Operatic Operas Studies and Stage Performance with M. Cristina Nadal